Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's In a Name?

This is my baby girl. My new love life. One of my dreams come true. I love her.

Here she is again. My heart is melting. I rarely ever call her by her given name - except  when I am using my big-grown-up-Mommy voice, of course. When I use my reverting-back-to-childhood voice, I find myself speaking in code. Words that I have never used on anyone else. Phrases that have never been breathed on earth are suddenly commonplace. Four years of college and four years of teaching and I never studied this vocabulary list. What is wrong with our education system?

When she makes faces like this I can address her in relatively sane terms. Sweetheart. Darling. Cutie.

When she makes this face, I begin to lose it. Pretty girl. Baby girl. Happy girl. Mama's girl. I am impressively repetitive. Daddy is far more explicit. He calls her Cutie-Patootie.

When she looks like this, she becomes Milk Face. That's her daddy in the background, eating a bowl of Fruit Loops. I call him Milk Face, Sr.

When she makes this face she earns herself my favorite name for her. Punk-a-doodles. Even better - My Little Punk-a-doodles! I made it up....I'm gifted like that.
(P.S. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to take a good picture while holding a squirming child? I knew you'd understand.)

This is her sorta-kinda-maybe-starting-to-get-worried face. This is where I start snapping my fingers and blowing bubbles and generally making a fool of myself in an effort to extract the last smile that I know is cowering somewhere in one of her chins. I call her Little One.

This face is self-descriptive. I say Uh-oh!!!!

She really is a one-smile-per-photo-shoot kind of baby. Daddy calls her Fussy-Butt. I call her Milk Monster.

But then she does something like this.......

Or this.....

.......and I call her My Precious. And I say it in the most non-Gollum voice I can summon.

Ooops - time to go. She is rapidly descending through the faces and is somewhere between Uh-oh and Fussy-Butt. Ciao!


  1. Just stopping back by to follow you and say hi. I have all kinds of names for Destructo. When he was an itty bitty, he was Mister or Magoo or Punkinbutt. He morphed into Kaizel or KaiKai or Magoozel. Now he is Destructo, Monkeybutt, Boogah. I swear I was educated at one point.


    1. After I published this I realized I forgot to include her prenatal name - Peanut. That's what she looked like in her early ultrasounds. I like to think that I am being re-educated at a whole new level, although I'm not sure at this point if I have advanced or regressed.
      Thank you for stopping by!